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Quebecktonians are an alien race with high-level technology. They average around 3 metres tall, and come in 3 variations, dubbed Wolves, Dogs, and Cats. They call the wolf-like quebecktonians Velvoiatons, the cats Fenibatons and the dogs Boz'Lohatons. Quebecktonian gender differances are basically the same as humans (I realy do not want to go into too much detail). Females tend to be a little smaller and slightly weaker than males, however, they are more energetic. Now onto combat and tech. For the tech, Quebecktonians have similar looking guns to humans, but are far more technically advanced. The most basic and weakest pistol (the T392 Rev) could easily destroy a human tank with just a few bullets. They generally use plasma tech weaponry, but their bullets are chemically engineered with a solid plasma casing that seals the poisonous chemical inside until it penetrates an enemy. Quebecktonians use a tactic they call ESSCMA (Evasive, Strength, Stamina, Co-ordonation, Meelee and Accuracy). They go by these rules every time they enter combat. Quebecktonians also have twin hearts.The way it works is one acts as a reboot system to reboot the other heart whenever it stops. In other words, when a Quebecktonian dies, he/she comes back to life.(To anyone familiar with Egyptian Mythology, think of one heart as the Heart bit of the soul, death as Ammit devouring said heart, and the second heart as the shadow bit of the soul, which then reboots the Heart bit, hence, revival!)
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